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About Us

We are a family run club lamb business in east-central Nebraska with a solid foundation in raising competitive show lambs for even the highest level of show. We have experienced the full spectrum of showing sheep throughout our show careers' – working our way from the ground up to complete Nathan's final year of showing by winning the Nebraska State Fair. We focus on producing the highest quality lambs that we can, but take great pride in being able to provide follow-up service to the kids that are showing our lambs to help ensure their success and enhance the educational experience.

As we strive to produce the perfect lamb, we believe that emphasis on producing females who are complete and fundamental in their design and makeup is absolutely essential. This belief along with careful selection of rams to compliment these females works to limit even the subtle flaws in the makeup of the offspring. Each generation should be a little more complete than the last ensuring that the win-ability of our lambs will withstand all of the changing trends in the industry. A careful eye coupled with a prospective vision for the future can surpass a trend-chasing checkbook in the race to a consistent place in the winner's circle.

We would like to thank all of those who have helped us along the way; and hope that we can offer that same assistance to you in your sheep showing ventures!

Kershner Club Lambs
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